Liberating Creativity!!

Art therapy is a way to initiate an exploration into ourselves from an internal and instinctual perspective, to enable us to find ‘the world within’, separate to the world we negotiate on a day-to-day basis. Through this process we find out things about ourselves that may have previously been hidden from us.

Art therapy utilizes the creative/art process in whatever form we choose to journey into our inner selves. Choosing from an array of art materials, or items found in nature, through music, dance, words, prose, metaphor, storytelling, and myth, we begin to explore our individual and unique expressions. This may at times be painful, change can be a challenge, however, when we travel on our own individual journey we experience new worlds with new understandings and new outcomes

Art therapists work from their rooms or offices or in public arenas such as hospitals, schools, prisons, aged care facilities or recreation centers.

All therapy must be respectful and progress at the speed and intention of the client/s. Clients can explore in a one on one situation, working closely and privately with the therapist, fostering a rich symbiotic relationship of discovery and support, or from within a group, no less a journey of discovery but one that tends to provide a wider range of responses and expression as we realize we are not alone in our humanness, or in our experiences and our issues. We hear and see reflected in others, both similarities and differences. Groups support each other and pay witness to the individuality and uniqueness of others. We are moved and stimulated by others, as we realize that we all experience both adversity and growth throughout our lifetimes, finding our own understanding and solutions to healing and wellbeing.

Groups reveal the human condition from a unique and individual perspective in company with others uncovering their own processes and outcomes.

Art therapy enables us to look differently at ourselves creating symbolic statements of our lives and experiences to finding alternate realities and possibilities. Art therapy does not mean we have had to have any exposure to, or experiences with art or art materials, or with any other modality. Feeling free to express in whatever form instigates a different way of interacting with the self

By recognizing outmoded habits and expectations, old patterns of thinking and being, of emotional pain, and deeply entrenched opinions about ourselves, we gain our own understandings, which may not necessarily be those of well meaning others.

Curing the soul is the first and essential thing! (Socrates)

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Robyn Ressom
Psychotherapist /Art Therapist
BSS, MA by Research ECAP., WPT